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Editorial note

The memory book of the village of Habousi (present-day Ikizdemir) was first published in Armenian in 1963, in Boston, by the Compatriotic Union of Habousi. The title of the original Armenian was Հապուսի գիւղին Պատմութիւնը [History of the Village of Habousi].

The English translation of the book, A Village Remembered: The Armenians of Habousi, was edited by Vatche Ghazarian and published in 1996 by Mayreni Publishing, USA.

We would like to thank Vatche Ghazarian for his assistance and cooperation in publishing his book on our site. We would also like to express our gratitude to James Kachadorian.

Readers should note the following:

1) The transcribed version of the book is presented only in English. Those who wish to read it in the original Armenian are invited to visit our Images section, where they can find the scanned copy of the original Armenian version.
2) The original Armenian version and the English translation do not follow the same chronology. Thus, their tables of content may differ.
3) In our Images section, alongside the scanned copy of the original Armenian version, readers can find the English captions of the photographs included in the book. These captions can be found at the very bottom of each page that features a photograph.

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A Village Remembered: The Armenians of Habousi

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Ghazarian, Vatche (Editor)
History of the Village of Habousi

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