A Village Remembered: The Armenians of Habousi - The Compatriotic Union of Habousi

Chapter 16:

The Aghas of the Village

The famous aghas or elders of Habousi were:
- Fr. Der Stephanian, who was a kind advisor and a traditionalist priest.
- Rev. Hagop Simonian, the Protestant minister, who was a specialist of the Turkish language and whose well-versed petitions to the government in Mezre were subject of admiration.
- Ousta Garabed Guleserian, a capable person who was the councilman for the Protestant Armenians.
- Zadour Kojigian, who owned a whole quarter of the village. He was a very generous patriot who mastered the Turkish language and served as Mudir (supervisor) of seven villages for seven years.
- Tovmas Yeghigian, another wealthy landlord, who was semi-literate.
- Khachadour Ajemian was said to be the grandson of the founder of Habousi. He was a healthy man who lived to the age of ninety, and who had been the head of the village once.
- Khacho Kehya Kelhagopian, another long-living, semi-literate person, wise and experienced.
- Boghos Varjabed, a teacher and a specialist of the Turkish language.
- Hagop Ousta Bennanian, the principal of the Protestant church and the chairperson of the Church Council, was a humble, kind and well educated person.
- Manoug Boolodian, a wealthy landlord and a patriot.
- Hagop Garoian, a wealthy landlord and the son of a huge clan.
- Najar Bede, a well-respected carpenter and a brave man who was a dedicated social worker.
- Hampo Kehya Hagopian, who although illiterate knew how to deal with Turk officials to minimize their harm to Habousi villagers.