A Village Remembered: The Armenians of Habousi - The Compatriotic Union of Habousi

Chapter 26:

Epilogue of the Armenian Version

(Published in 1963)

Words of Appreciation

by Antranig Doniguian

As an impartial witness for the last thirty years of the work of the Compatriotic Union of Habousi, and as a participant of its work in the past decade, it is my duty to praise those Habousetzie compatriots who became the pillars of our Union and the driving force behind it through their dedication and idealism.

Those selfless compatriots helped hundreds of needy compatriots living, suffering, and struggling in far away places.

When we read the minutes of the Union, our eyes come across unforgettable names—names of those who played crucial roles in the achievements of the Union. Therefore, it is with gratitude that their names are mentioned in this book.

When we look at the lives of the living and dead veterans, we see lovely teenagers and young Habousetzies, who lived their childhood during a most bitter period. They were forced to abandon their homeland, settle in this country, and to help their relatives live a dignified life.

Despite all difficulties in a foreign land, despite the pressures of an unfortunate fate, they always persevered and kept Habousi alive in their memories. And despite all dangers—Genocide, deportation, and assimilation—they succeeded in keeping their love of Habousi and their hearts open to needy compatriots.

Many of those youths have turned into aged grandfathers and grandmothers, but reaching out to their nation and compatriots still remains a duty and a pleasure to them. Furthermore, they have been able to transfer these warm and kind feelings to their children.

And many left this world without ever again seeing their beloved Habousi and the results of their hard work. We, living Habousetzies, have decided to publish this book as an eternal monument to our village and its offspring.