History of Khoshmat - Dr. Mardiros H. Chakoian

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Vartan Vartanian


Chapter 1: Palu and the fort

Chapter 2: Monasteries and Sanctuaries


Chapter 1: Education in Palou

Chapter 2: United Association of Armenians in Palou

• Havav

• Nerkhi

Chapter 3

• Villages of Palou

• Statistics of Palou Armenian-inhabited villages

• The Great Earthquake of Palou


Chapter 1

• Khoshmat

• The Holy Mother of God Church

• The Church of Khoshmat

• Priests

Chapter 2 : Sanctuaries

• Abdul-Mseh (Donag)

• Holy Cross

• Holy Cathedral

• St. Giragos

• St. Mangig

Chapter 3

• Springs

• Field Springs

• Humanlike Stones

Chapter 4

• Tbrotsasirats Association and the School of Khoshmat

• Teachers (1880-96)

• The First Graduates of the School of Khoshmat

• The Last Graduates of Khoshmat’s High School (1913-1914)

• Khoshmat Through My Eyes

Chapter 5: The Intellectuals of Khoshmat

• Arakel Babajanian

• Bedros effendi Fermanian

• Hampartsoum Oulousian

• Vahan Oulousian

• Vartan Dirad

• Garabed Klanian

• Sarkis B. Klanian

• Toros Klanian

• Bedros Papazian

• Boghos H. Chakoian

• Haroutiun Vartanian

• Manoug Dzaghigian

• Kapriel Frangian

• Dikran Ghazaros Bedigian

• Hagop Ghazaros Bedigian

• Mikayel Khodjoian

• Boghos Deradourian

• Hampartsoum Harutounian (Bournousouzian)

• Bethlehem Markarian (Shaghougian)

• Mgrdich Malian

• Boghos Papazian

• Karekin Garabedian

• Father Manoug Khodjoian

• Hovhannes Klanian

Chapter 6 : The Important Initiatives of the Tbrotsasirats Association of Khoshmat

Chapter 7 : Ladies Auxiliary Society of Khoshmat

Chapter 8 : Architects

• Aznavour Efendi Khodjoian

• Toros Khalifa Malian (Ghazarian) Kara Toros

• Mardiros Ghazarian

• Simon Khalifa Bedigian or Melkonian

• Arakel Milidosian

• Garabed Milidosian

• Sahag Oulousian

• Haji Krikor Milidosian

• Donabed Khabloian (Arghntsonts)

• Markar Shaghougian

• Kokona Vartan

Chapter 9 : Various types of crafts

• Joinery

• Masonry

• Carpeting

• Pottery

Chapter 10 : Manufacturing

• Oil presses of Khoshmat

• Hand Millstone

• Fruits

• Vegetables


Chapter 1 : Traditions and Customs

• New Year

• Christmas

• Paregentan

• Easter

• Wedding

• Life of the Bride

• Songs

• Popular Medicine

• Wishes and blessings

• Curses

• Things portending misfortune

• Dream interpretation

• Riddles

• Sayings (Fables)

• Provincial Proverbs (Talks)

• Commonly used phrases

• Games (for boys)

• Words of wisdom from the elderly people

Chapter 2 : Historic Characters and Famous Events

• Father Khachadour Shiroian

• Father Reteos Simonian

• Mardiros Shahen Chakoian

• Sarkis effendi Dzaghigian’s royal medal

• Boghos Harutounian

• Nazar Nazarian

• The Power of the Pitchfork and Khachig Chakoian

• How Sarkis Vartanian Drowned

• Fragment of Soukias Depoian’s Life

• How We Left Khoshmat and The Intercession of St. Mangig in 1896

• Farewell of Seven Young Men

• Fragments of Simon Simonian’s Life

• Abduction of Paro (A Group of Pilgrims)

• Tax Collectors

• Incident with Bedros Simonian

• Interesting Memoirs of Krikor Der Khachadourian (Koko)

• Mardiros Shaghougian (Kaloian) - One of His Episodes

• Fragment of Sarkis Shahin Chakoian’s Life

• Hagop Tatigian (Ali Baba)

• Haroutiun Deradourian and the Incident with the Box of Eggs

• The herdsman of Khoshmat, by Sarkis Shahrigian

• An Interesting Incident in the Life of the Herdsman


Chapter 1 : Notorious Beys of Palou

• Keor Abdullah bey

• Khoshmatlian Dynasty and Beys

Chapter 2

• Khoshmat Resistance – 1897

• The Bloody Fight

• Trial of the Beys

• The End of the Beys

• The Meliks of Khoshmat

Chapter 3 : The Order to Begin the Massacre

• The Role of Garabed Klanian and Misak Shaghougian (Kaloian)

• Khachadour Shiroian’s memoirs (From Canada)

• Mgrdich Taraian (from Marseille): Taken from his Bloody Memoirs

• Apkar Simonian

• Baghdasar Deradourian (from Marseille): Memoirs

Chapter 4

• Soldiers of Khoshmat

• Khoshmat Volunteers

• A Fragment of Volunteer’s Life

• A Fragment of Benjamin Shaghougian’s Life (A Volunteer)

• Other Soldiers Native of Khoshmat

Chapter 5 : Photos of Khoshmat Armenians

Chapter 6 : People of Khoshmat in Constantinople (Taken from the notes of the late Toros Klanian)

Chapter 7 : People of Khoshmat in Diaspora

• People of Khoshmat in France

• People of Khoshmat in Soviet Armenia

• People of Khoshmat in Syria

• People of Khoshmat in Canada

• People of Khoshmat in America

Mardiros Shahen Chakoian

Mardiros Shahen Chakoian's act of courage (told by a witness, the late Toros Klanian).

Mardiros was a large, tall man with a long jaw who was gifted with the qualities of a true hero. He had been passionate and full of life in his youth, and his courage and selflessness will become obvious through the incident described below.

In the Southeast of Khoshmat, where the Aradzani River flows to the West through dense forests, one can see thick bushes and tall oaks that are used as fuel by the villagers living nearby. The people of Khoshmat would go there to gather firewood but they would always face the danger of Kurdish bandits.

It was a gloomy autumn morning when dozens of people of Khoshmat went to this forest to collect wood. A Kurdish man named Hamo from Timasor village started following the villagers with a club in his hand. Approaching Mardiros Chakoian, the Kurd asked him for his name. Mardiros immediately raised his pitchfork, ready to attack Hamo on the spot. Hamo stopped him, saying:

"Wait a minute! We have no intention to fight. We’ve come to make a deal with you. You are well aware that we’ve inherited this forest from our ancestors. Every autumn and spring you come and take the wood without any permission. So many people were killed because of that! We would like to put an end to this problem once and for all. So here is what we offer: we can both choose one brave man from among our compatriots who will fight each other publicly with sticks. Only the winner will be allowed to exploit this forest."

The people of Khoshmat accepted this unprecedented offer with pleasure and chose Mardiros Chakoian as their fighter. His rival was a giant, distorted Kurdish man who had prepared for the fight beforehand, bringing with him two sticks and shields. This Kurdish man was famous among his compatriots as a very brave fighter. Taking one of his sticks and the shield, the Kurd approached Mardiros and said sarcastically:

"Pray to God for the last time! Take a good look at this forest and say goodbye to your friends, because very soon they will take your dead body to Khoshmat instead of wood."

Mardiros crossed himself and attacked the enemy. And so the fight began. The Kurdish man was fighting violently and was better at defending himself. The fight lasted for more than half an hour. The Kurdish audience was screaming with joy whereas the people of Khoshmat were getting worried.

Suddenly Mardiros noticed that his rival was getting exhausted. Running straight at him, he knocked the back of his head with the club. The giant Kurd immediately fell on the ground. Mardiros turned to the Kurdish audience and shouted: "From this moment on, don’t ever dare to compete with the people of Khoshmat! This forest is ours now!" The Kurdish man cried in pain: "My sir, this forest is yours but, please, let’s not become enemies."

On the way back to their village the people of Khoshmat carried Mardiros on their shoulders and brought him to his house, glorifying and praising the hero for his courage. From that day forward, the people of Khoshmat have been going to the forest without facing any obstacles.